Giving Women Choices

Multi-ethnic senior women laughingNo two women are alike, so at Galisteo Advanced Gynecology, it is our mission to provide knowledge, choices and alternatives, and provide viable solutions for each of their specific circumstances. We treat each woman with respect and compassion, and since every woman is different and has individual needs, we create a unique plan to meet her health and/or reconstructive goals.


Providing high quality OBGYN care in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico for over 20 years. Also providing Reconstructive Pelvic and Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery.

Experience Matters

Our practice is dedicated to the highest quality care in northern New Mexico to the women who choose to come to our practice. Patient comfort, compassion, understanding and attention to your individual needs are what make our practice exceptional. Experience does matter in that Dr. Maria Rodriguez has been in practice in Santa Fe for 27 years and her nurse practitioner, Joan McClelland has been in practice in northern NM for 20 years. Together these two dedicated health care professionals work together along with their caring staff to make your experience with our office as pleasant as possible. Due to the fact that Dr. Rodriguez no longer does obstetrics, allows her to continue to focus on cutting edge procedures that make surgeries and office procedures less invasive. Our nurse practitioner has a wide range of knowledge since she is a family practice nurse practitioner focusing on women’s health care in our office.

We hope you will use this website for educational purposes and visit it often to use as a guide to have a better understanding of what you might be going through if you’re having a gynecologic problem. There is much more to come as we continue to add to the website. Thank you.


We offer a comprehensive list of surgeries both outpatient (in our office) and inpatient (in the hospital).

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